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​What We Do

We provide affordable, efficient building site intrusion detection, notification and video monitoring.

Our systems will send you a text message when an intruder is detected with an easy link to live video streaming of your site.

It will also send you an email with snapshots of what the Onsight camera(s) capture at the moment of detection.

What are the details?


​Human Motion Detection

Passive Infrared human motion detection is employed to provide greater accuracy over simple camera motion detection. This provides for fewer false-positive notifications meaning greater certainty of human intrusion when a notification is sent. These sensors use wireless technology and are battery-powered for ease of installation and re-positioning, if required.



Live and Recorded Video

Login and view live and recorded video of your site directly from your smartphone. Video will be recorded when motion is detected.



Optional Open/Close Sensors

Wireless, battery-powered Open/Close sensors can also be fitted to major points of ingress/egress which will trigger an SMS to be sent to you if opened.



Simple SMS Notifications

When the wireless Passive Infrared human motion sensors or the wireless Open/Close sensors are triggered, you will be notified by SMS text message. The SMS will contain a link to login directly to the live Onsight video stream from you smartphone to see what is going on and action as necessary.



Snapshot Emails

When motion is detected, the system will email you snapshot photos of the moment that motion was detected.



Reliable 4G Connectivity

The system comes bundled with reliable, high-speed 4G/3G mobile broadband technology*.

* Usage limits apply.



Wireless Remote Cameras

Additional Onsight cameras can be supported using wireless technology. All they need is mains power.



Battery Backup

The system includes onboard battery backup which will power the main unit for several hours without mains power. If mains power goes down, an SMS text message will be sent advising this. Another will be sent when mains power is restored (so long as it is while the system remains powered via battery).



Anti-Tamper Measures

SMS text messages will be sent if mains power is removed or if the central unit is moved or opened. During this process, an email will be sent with snapshot photos taken from the onboard camera attached.



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Are you interested in finding out more? Drop through an email to enquiries@onsight.nz or fill out the form below and we'll be right in touch!